Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trivial TJ's dinner 2: queso-less-dillas

2 tortillas (I like thicker flour ones for this, eg TJ's handmade)
spread: TJ's spicy black bean dip (by the salsas) or hummus
greens: spinach and/or arugula
thinly sliced veggies: usually mushroom, but pretty much anything would work
can also put in chevre (goes with hummus) or avocado (goes with anything, of course)

Start heating a large heavy-bottomed frying pan on medium. Spread with your spread of choice, assemble with other fillings, and cook in ungreased pan until the tortillas are toasty and the veggies are semi-cooked. Clearly trivial; the main point of posting this is to say how good the spicy black bean dip is, and how cheese is pretty unnecessary if everything else is flavorful.

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