I'm Anna, and that's me (and Trinity and Max) relaxing in my old friends' old living room in Seattle after their weekly potluck brunch.

This blog is an attempt to record my toss-things-in-a-bowl-style cooking in the form of followable-recipe-style cooking. I'm still mostly tossing things in a bowl, but I'm doing my best to quantify the amounts involved. I've found that "live blogging" helps with this—I toss something in a bowl with a measuring spoon, maybe add a bit more if it looks like it needs it, and type whatever I just did into my computer—which also means that almost every post goes up within a few hours of the featured item being put in my mouth.

Most things on here are vegetarian, because it's my favorite way to eat and it's the only way I really know how to cook. On the other hand, I've been making a few forays into both vegan and meat-containing dishes lately (because sometimes I like them too).

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