Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few days of food in Seattle

  • elk meatball linguine and crazy awesome owner at Brad's Swingside with Marcus

  • mini orange blossom glazed donut at Mighty-O, followed by latte and work at Zoka

  • falafel burger and tasty sugary-breakfast smells at Portage Bay with the Amazon kids

  • PG tips, carabiner mugs, gloucestershire, Cowgirl Creamery, Fentiman's, and galangal found but not purchased at Pike Place; orris root found and purchased

  • tea, robots, and steel gratings at Inscape with David

  • still my favorite peanut sauce ever on swimming rama at Thai Tom

  • beer, karaoke, and birthday good times at Roosevelt Ale House with lots of folks

  • cinnamon-raisin bagel and latte at Bean & Bagel, eaten in the sun by the fountain with the mountain out

  • extraneous americano at Bauhaus

  • tofu banh mi at Saigon Deli with SarahS

  • kale, mushroom, and matzo ball soup with Michelle and the Ministers, and a mint chip ice cream taste test (Michelle wins, of course)

  • day o' Austen at Cupcake Manor: chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (Michelle), biscuits and Scotch eggs (me), assorted tea sandwiches and desserts (Brandi and Lindsay), samosas (me and Brandi), the whole P&P miniseries with lovely people in lovely outfits

  • failed attempt at cocktails at Tavern Law with SarahS and Brandon; next time!

  • dim sum at Jade Garden with SarahO and Mike
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