Friday, December 10, 2010

Pomegranate liqueur, part III

jar of liqueur from day II, undisturbed
6 ft or so clean thin tubing
bowl or two
coffee filters (optional)
cute little bottles with tight-fitting lids (eg from Depot for Creative Reuse)

Move the liqueur jar to someplace at least as high as the kitchen counter, being careful not to shake up the layer of gunk that should have sedimented out. Place a bowl on the ground below the jar, and use the tubing to siphon the nice clear liqueur into the bowl, leaving the gunk in the bottom of the jar (you have to suck some up the tube with your mouth to get it started). Discard any gunk left in the jar. Lester did a great job of only siphoning the good stuff; I decided to run the siphoned liqueur through coffee filters anyway, but I think it didn't do anything, so you can use your judgement. Transfer the liqueur into your cute little bottles, seal tightly, and give to folks for Christmas.

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