Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A week of food in Seattle: James and Margo's wedding edition

I bet you want that wedding cake post, right? Well, turns out I was far too busy making the cakes to take pictures of them too. I'll post something as soon as I get the official-wedding-photographer photos from Elise and Jrd, I promise. In the meantime, here's what I did the rest of the week—thanks everyone for a great trip!
  • padron peppers from Pike Place for a tapas dinner at SarahS and Brandon's
  • pho at Pho Than Bros before borrowing hours at Michelle's
  • coffee and editing at Trabant, Stumptown, and Solstice throughout the week
  • pretty good bagel and very good lentil soup at Eltana
  • grilled fajitas at DavidS and Cat's with Jill
  • lunch at Google Fremont with DavidS
  • lovely night out: aged la biciclette in a tiny bottle and fun bathrooms at Canon, dinner at one of those Ethiopian places by 12th and Jefferson, and blues dancing at Waid's with Brandi, Peter, SarahS, William, DavidP, Jones, and Sabo
  • ramen at Samurai Noodle with Lester before I scooted off to a belly dance class
  • pies and pints at Pies and Pints with a crowd of wabis
  • morning coffee with Lester at Anchored Ship, which is adorable in the best Seattle way
  • fantastic dinner of oysters (best was Eagle Rock), smoked trout, smelt, salad, goat cheese & figs, and doughnut-like fried rhubarb with SarahS and Lester (who chose the best cocktail, the mustache ride) at The Walrus and the Carpenter after day 1 of cakemaking
  • delicious veggie shawarma at Petra with SarahO before strolling back along the Elliot Bay Trail to finish day 2 of cakemaking
  • a wonderful wedding! (with wonderful catering by James's aunt)
  • dinner with Marcus, Gaby, and Lester at Tamarind Tree squeezed in after a day of post-wedding hangouts
  • surprisingly good salmon pesto sandwich at Madison Diner while showing Lester around Bainbridge Island
  • nachos at College Inn Pub with lots of folks before heading off to the airport

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