Sunday, April 8, 2012

A vegetarian seder menu

Thanks so much for coming, those who came! It's always a pleasure to share practices I care about with people I care about. (And even though I don't believe in the God parts, I do care about the celebration.) It's also a treat to provide and host a nice big meal like this, especially when the timing actually works out such that I'm just finishing cooking when people show up *and* I can put hot food on the table at the right point in the evening. Win all around.

(-) make your own!

appetizers and ceremonials:
(^) Homemade matzah
(*) Guacamole by Lester
(*) Asparagus egg salad (this time with green beans instead of snap peas)
(*) Charoset

the meal:
(~) Matzah ball soup (recipe on the box, in not-chicken broth)
(~) Roasted garbanzos and chard
(~) Matzah lasagna (with thinly sliced roasted eggplant)

(-) Mocha chip ice cream
Truffles by Chris
TJ's meringues

preparation notes:
(-) Make a few days ahead of time.
(*) Mix up during the day, then keep in the fridge or on the counter.
(~) Do most of the prep during the day (mix and shape the matzah balls, completely make the garbanzos+chard, assemble the lasagna). Then do the final heating during the seder, only needing to step away from the action once or twice to check on things (cook the matzah balls, reheat the garbanzos+chard over low heat on the stove, bake the lasagna in the oven that's still warm from the matzah).
(^) Make as the guests are arriving.
(*) and (~) together make for a nice full day of chopping and stirring, so don't plan to do much else. But there's still time to go to dance class, pop to the shops for last-minute ingredients, and put the finishing touches on the haggadah.

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