Monday, August 8, 2011

Limoncello, day III

jar of limoncello from day II that's been sitting in the cupboard for a month and a half
hose for siphoning
big mixing bowl or jar
coffee filters and cone
6 or 7 375ml bottles with resealable tops

So, my bad: apparently powdered sugar contains a large fraction of cornstarch. Who knew? If, like me, you used powdered sugar instead of normal white granulated sugar in your simple syrup, a fluffy-looking layer of white gunk will have settled to the bottom of your limoncello. The bulk of your jar will still be full of a lovely bright yellow viscous liquid that is your limoncello (and if you were smart and used granulated sugar, that should be all you have).

Carefully transfer the jar of limoncello to a high surface, and use the hose to siphon the limoncello into your large vessel, leaving any settled-out particulate matter at the bottom of the jar. Wash out the jar, put a coffee filter in the cone, and set it on top of the jar. Filter the limoncello through the coffee filters, replacing the filter as needed (siphoning worked well here too). Fill the bottles with the limoncello, using the funnel (and again siphoning) to reduce spillage. Six 375ml bottles was perfect for me, but if you throw out less sludge then you may need a 7th bottle.

Seal well and make cute labels with packing tape and a sharpie. Put one bottle in the freezer for immediate drinking, and keep the rest in the cupboard to age. It's pretty strong—about 75-80 proof I think.

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