Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pomegranate liqueur, part I

day one of this recipe

3 pomegranates
2 c vodka
peel from 1 lemon, with minimal white pith

several bowls, a strainer, and jars with lids (eg 3 pint-size canning jars)

Choose a work surface you don't mind getting splashed on, or cover your work surface with plastic cutting boards, and don an apron. Remove the fruity pod parts from the pomegranates, putting the pods in a bowl and discarding the rest. (If desired, set aside a handful or two for putting on/in a cheesecake.)

Put a wire mesh strainer over another bowl, and get out a little bowl or glass with a flattish or rounded bottom. Put one small handful of pods at a time in the strainer, crush them with the little bowl and/or your fingers to get the juice out, and transfer the leftover pulp and (ideally unbroken) seeds to yet another bowl.

Measure how much juice you've caught in the bowl below the strainer; it should be about two cups. Add that much vodka to the juice and stir. Divide the vodka-juice, pulp, and lemon peel evenly between your jars. Cover tightly and stick in the pantry for a couple weeks, swirling occasionally.

to be continued on day two and day three

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